About Us

Rand Consulting GmbH is an Austrian Company located in Vienna. It was been established to provide our clients niche consulting, premium services, valuable information, and innovative technical solutions.

The idea behind our company is to use our relationships in different territories to establish a business network, which gives us the opportunity to offer many kind of business ventures.

Our Company consist of three Business Units:

  • IT Solutions Division
  • Services Division
  • Intermediation Division

Each business unit has different activities. The Solutions Division is the core of our business and the first business unit that we established. The idea of creating the other business units came through our wide database of connections and relations, that we can use it to improve our main business and to reach our targets. Our close business relations in different fields has supported us in reaching our plans for expansion.

Our business units opened up new horizons of activities and helped us to improve our worldwide network of relationships, which we use to serve our clients. We help our clients Maximize, grow and improve their business potentials, and through strategic business networks and innovative technical solutions to meet their business objectives.

Our professional team has many years of collective knowledge and expertise that gives us a unique advantage in providing professional services to our clients across a broad range of technical solutions and other services.

Rand Consulting GmbH is your Innovative Method for Reliable Movement.