Rand Consulting helps its client make the right decision to optimize IT, by advising them to strategically develop the technical environment in the organization.

The role of our Clients is to focus on the core business, while we ensure the IT is working smoothly. We believe that the IT Department in any company is a “Cost Center”, that’s why we are dedicated in saving our customer time and money. Our experience in IT Consulting gives us the opportunity to be a leading company in advising our Clients in the following areas:

    • Real assessment of client needs
    • Preparing the Project Requirements or the Tender
    • Studying and analyzing the submitted offers
    • Supporting in contracting
    • Controlling the “Project Plan”
    • Ensuring the successful Implementation
  • Preparing all documents for the ideal solution of the project. Including the following documents, Technical Write-Up, Diagrams, Bill of Quantity (BoQ), Service Level Agreement (SLA), Project Plan

The most important system in any organization, whatever its activity, is Enterprise Resource and Planning (ERP). And the market leader in the ERP – System is SAP. We are supporting our clients to integrating their business processes through offering our experience and our professional team in SAP Consulting.

Our IT Consulting Fields

IT Strategy HealthCare IT IT Project Management
Cloud Computing Data Migration System Integration