Rand Consulting

Rand Consulting

Your Innovative Method for Reliable Movement
Technical Solutions

We are aiming to exploit our experience in the area of Information Technologies and Communications. We are providing our clients with high quality innovative technical solutions and exceptional services.

Premium Services

We are working with our clients to fundamentally improve the quality, speed, and cost associated with the services that they require. That target of our services is to simplify the requirement that our client have to make, while helping them make the right decisions in a very comprehensive manner.

Intermediary Business

We use our business network in different territories to open new business channels to our clients’ products and introduce them to new markets. We orient our clients to a secure business in safe countries.


Rand Consulting GmbH has been established to provide unique ideas and state-of-the-art solutions to our Clients. Rand Consulting GmbH has three main different Business Units:

  • IT Solutions: With the comprehensive portfolio associated with IT solutions, we provide our clients with Consultations, Software Development, and Web Based Applications to improve the business and find genuine solutions to our problems. More
  • Services: Aims to help our Clients reach their goals in the most efficient, effective, and price conscious manners, while saving time and effort on the part of our Clients. More
  • Intermediation: We aims to facilitate cross-borders to expand the business and bring valuable opportunities to our Clients who are looking to discover new avenues that will enhance and grow the business. More

Our goal, in the near future, is that each Business Unit will be a separate company and independent entity.

Rand Consulting GmbH has enough experience to understand the Clients needs and to provide them creative business ideas and valuable solutions. Rand Consulting GmbH is your reliable business partner.